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Penis sizes around the world revealed


All across the world, people spend time and money on perfecting their looks and bodies into what they think is most desirable or most attractive, or simply what makes them feel good about themselves. While some people are concerned with keeping their skin looking young, others are more focused on the shape of their nose, or the diameter of their waistline. 

However, one body part that gets the most attention from its owners is the penis. Whether people are concerned about the size or the shape, or any other aspect for that matter, most of us have wondered at some point or another whether ours is big enough.

At FROM MARS, we understand just how important your own body can be in your sense of identity, and how issues like erectile dysfunction can have a massive impact on your confidence and self-image. This is why we wanted to discover the average sizes around the world and see where the US is most concerned with whether size really matters.

The countries with the biggest penises

Before we address which countries have the most packed packages, it’s important to note that the original study relied on self-reported data, so it is entirely possible that plenty of the respondents were a little generous with their member measurements.

That being said, this can give us a basic idea of average sizes around the world, and ultimately, the average size across the entire population. We also get a little insight into how the size of the penis is proportioned with the rest of the body, with the added factor of the length of the average erect penis as a percentage of the average height of their owners.

  1. Ecuador – erect length of 6.93 inches

The proud owners of the top spot and the largest penises in the world are Ecuadorians. This South American country has vast landscapes, including the Galápagos Islands; boasting coastal areas, volcanoes, snow-capped peaks, and even jungle.

With an average erect penis length of 6.93in or 17.61cm, making the measurement more than 10% of the average height, Ecuadorians bring a whole new meaning to BDE (that’s big dick energy to the uninitiated, referring to the unspoken confidence of someone as though they’re hiding a huge package under their zippers!).

2. Cameroon – erect length of 6.56 inches

In second place is the African country of Cameroon. Located in the central African region, Cameroon is known for its rich culture and participation in worldwide sporting events, with their national soccer team being one of the most successful in Africa. Cameroonians can now add this accolade as they sit comfortably in the top two countries for penis length.

3. Bolivia – erect length of 6.5 inches

Heading back over to South America, the final country to be included in the top three with an erect length of 6.5 in or 16.51 cm is Bolivia. At just a fraction of an inch longer than fourth place, Bolivia just squeezes into third place.

The countries with the smallest penises

Again, it’s important to remember here that this data relies on self-reporting so all the figures should be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism. However, we can see that these are the countries reporting the smallest sizes. If it’s true that the best things come in small packages, then these are the lucky top 10.

Countries with the smallest penises
  1. Cambodia – erect length of 3.95 inches

With a length of a little more than half that of the country with the largest average size, Cambodia boasts the smallest packages, with penis length being 6.09% of the average height. 

  1. Myanmar – erect length of 4.21 inches

Measuring in at nearly 4cm shorter than the global average, Burmese penises are the second smallest in the world with an erect length of 4.21 in or 10.70 cm

  1. Philippines – erect length of 4.27 inches

The island country of Philippines takes the third spot, just behind their nearby neighbors of Taiwan. With an average erect length of 4.27 in or 10.85 cm.

The average global penis size

Average global penis size

When we look at the average around the globe, you may be surprised that the average erect length is 5.54in or 14.08cm.

The average US erect penis measures at 5.35in or 13.58cm, making it just a little below average and placing the country in 60th place.

Average global penis size

The US states most worried about penis size

In addition to finding out the size of members around the world, we wanted to investigate who is the most worried about the size of their penis. Looking at US states, we took a look at a number of search queries, discovering the number of searches during 2021 and comparing them to the population figures.

So which states are most concerned with the size of their penis?

  1. District of Columbia – 1,157.6 searches per 100,000 people

The District of Columbia may not be a state, but as a federal district, we still wanted to take a look at the number of searches for queries like ‘is my penis too small’ and ‘how to make my penis bigger’.

While the area is the political powerhouse of the country, its residents are clearly concerned about the important things in life, namely, the size of their package. With 8,170 searches over the course of 2021, a year that saw the country, and the world coping with a global pandemic, the center of the nation’s political system was searching for penis size-related questions at a whopping rate of 1,157.6 searches per 100,000 people.

We’ll let you make of that what you will.

  1. Utah – 816.9 searches per 100,000 people

In second place is the Beehive State, Utah, where there were a total of 26,190 searches for penis size related terms during 2021. Whether people were searching ‘is my penis too small’ or ‘how to make my penis bigger’, Utahns seem to be pretty concerned with the measurements of their members.

  1. California – 747.7 searches per 100,000 people

The state that is known for its high beauty standards, but that seems to extend down into the pants as Californians are searching in their droves for the average penis size and questioning whether their package is plentiful.

The US states least worried about penis size

While some states spent their year wondering how to enlarge their genitals, others weren’t too bothered and had far fewer searches for questions like ‘normal penis size’ and ‘how long should my penis be’.

  1. Mississippi – 440.8 searches per 100,000 people

Mississippi has a rich culture, thought of as the birthplace of blues music. However, the state is one of the poorest in the nation and ranks poorly for factors such as healthcare. It would be a fair assumption to say that Mississippians have bigger things on their minds than the size of their genitals.

With 13,120 searches during 2021, this equates to just 440.8 searches per 100,000 people.

  1. Louisiana – 447 searches per 100,000 people

Another southern state ranks in the top three for the states most relaxed about the stature of their johnsons. WIth just 447 searches per 100,000 people, Louisiana residents seem to know that it’s not about the size of the wave, but the motion of the ocean.

  1. Wyoming – 471.7 searches per 100,000 people

Rounding out our three most relaxed states, Wyoming places third, following closely behind Louisiana with 471.7 searches per 100,000 people.

Does size really matter?

All of this begs the question, does size really matter? Ultimately, the answer is maybe, maybe not. If you are concerned about the size of your penis in terms of sexual performance, it’s important to remember that everyone is different, not just in their sizes, but also in their preferences.

Just as some people are attracted to partners with different body types, hair colors, and personality traits, the same can also be said for the size of your package. Some people are more attracted to larger than average penises, others would rather it be smaller than average. 

The truth is, that the owner of the penis is far more likely to be worried about the size of their penis than their sexual partners are!


We used World Population Review to get figures for average penis size and average breast size.

Search volume was taken from Google Keyword Planner and relates to searches made during 2021 for the following queries:

  • Is my penis too small
  • Normal penis size
  • Average penis size
  • How long should my penis be
  • How to make penis longer
  • How to make penis bigger