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Minoxidil is a medicine used to treat male pattern baldness, the most common form of hair loss in men. Minoxidil is applied directly to your scalp and is clinically proven to stop hair loss and regrow hair. Minoxidil is the generic version of the treatment, but branded versions are also available, like Rogaine.


Male pattern baldness causes your hair to become thin and fall out because it makes your follicles (the part of your skin that produces hair) shrink over time. The follicles produce progressively thinner and shorter hairs, until they eventually close up and don’t produce any hair at all. Minoxidil fights back against this. It improves the flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to your follicles, keeping them open and healthy, and producing thick, long hair.


It usually takes between two to four months for you to see results with minoxidil. The treatment will start working right away, but your hair goes through a growth cycle, so it can take time for old hairs to fall out and be replaced with new, thicker, longer ones. Minoxidil works best if you use it consistently every day, without taking breaks, but if you don’t see any improvement after four months, speak to our doctors who will be able to offer their advice.

Is Minoxidil safe?

Minoxidil is a FDA approved treatment which is safe for most men to use. Like all meds, minoxidil can have side effects, but these tend to be on the mild side as minoxidil is to be put on your skin and not swallowed. The most common side effects of minoxidil are scalp irritation, itching, and a skin rash.

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How to use minoxidil

Always use minoxidil as prescribed. How much you use, and exactly how you apply it, will depend on which minoxidil product you’ve bought, but you typically apply minoxidil directly to your scalp once or twice a day, when your scalp and hair are dry.

How effective is minoxidil?

Minoxidil is one of the only treatments which has been proven to halt hair loss and restore losses caused by male pattern baldness. Both clinical trials and independent research have proven that minoxidil can stop hair loss, and restore lost hair, for most men with male pattern baldness in as little as two to four months with consistent use. If you’re losing hair because of male pattern baldness, chances are, minoxidil will work for you.

What are the side effects of minoxidil?

Minoxidil is a safe treatment for most men, but like all medications, it can have side effects. Not everyone will experience them, but even when people do, they tend to be mild, like skin irritation where you apply the minoxidil (itching, dryness, and rashes), headaches, and increased facial hair growth.

Does minoxidil cause weight gain?

In rare cases, minoxidil may cause weight gain, usually if too much of the medicine is being absorbed into your bloodstream. This side effect hasn’t been studied in detail, and happens rarely, so we can’t say how much weight you could gain, or what happens to this extra weight over time. If you’re concerned about weight gain with minoxidil, speak to our doctors.

How long does minoxidil shedding last?

When some men begin using minoxidil, they initially experience more hair loss, which is often called minoxidil shedding. This isn’t anything to be worried about, it’s just your scalp shedding old hairs to make way for the new ones, and it’s a sign that minoxidil is working for you. Minoxidil shedding usually happens between two to six weeks after you start using it. But after this initial shedding, you should start to see gains. Speak to our doctors if this shedding lasts for longer.

What happens when you stop using minoxidil?

If you stop taking minoxidil, you’ll start to lose your hair again. The extra supply of blood, nutrients, and oxygen that minoxidil provides your hair follicles with will start to fall and your follicles will begin to shrink again. You may lose all your gains within three to four months, and then you’ll continue to lose your hair as you did before using minoxidil. If you want to fight male pattern baldness for as long as possible, you’ll need to make minoxidil a part of your daily routine.

How long can I keep the finasteride tablets for?

Finasteride should never be used past the expiry date which is always the last day of the month shown on the packaging, after which it should be discarded.

Can you use finasteride and minoxidil together?

Finasteride, also called Propecia, is another effective treatment for male pattern baldness, but unlike minoxidil, it’s taken orally, usually as a pill. The two drugs work differently, with no known negative interactions between them. Some studies have found that they can be more effective when used together. Finasteride is a prescription medication – tell us if you plan to take it alongside minoxidil.

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