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(Same active ingredient as Valtrex)

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What is valaciclovir?

Valaciclovir, called valacyclovir outside of the UK, is an antiviral medication used to manage the herpes infections that can cause genital herpes and cold sores . Usually taken in pill form, it helps to make outbreaks of cold sores and genital herpes less severe, clearing them up faster, and preventing outbreaks from reoccurring.

How does valaciclovir work?

Valaciclovir disrupts the virus’ ability to reproduce, slowing its spread through infected skin, and making it easier for your immune system to tackle it. It can’t cure a herpes infection permanently, as once someone has a herpes infection, they have it forever, but it can help make outbreaks shorter and less severe, as well as reducing itching, pain and swelling. It can even prevent outbreaks from happening.

How safe is valaciclovir?

Valaciclovir has gone through extensive clinical trials, has been approved by government healthcare agencies worldwide, and has been used to treat herpes for over two decades. It’s a safe treatment for most people to use but remember all medications can have side effects.

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