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Retin A (sometimes called Retin-A cream) is a prescription medicine used to treat acne. Retin A is topical, meaning that it’s applied directly to your face, and it helps to reduce the severity of acne outbreaks and clear them up faster. Retin A contains the active ingredient tretinoin.

What does Retin A do?

Retin A cream helps fight acne by removing the dead skin cells and oil from your face that can cause spots, and it can also reduce the inflammation that accompanies more severe acne outbreaks. Retin A can even limit the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars and dark spots on your skin, as well as healing sun damage and improving the texture and tone of your skin.

How does Retin A work?

Tretinoin, the active ingredient in Retin A, is proven to be an effective treatment for acne. It increases the growth and turnover of skin cells where the cream is applied; old cells are shed faster and new cells emerge quicker which improves the quality of your skin. It works for acne, because the removal of old skin cells and sebum oil from your face lowers your chances of getting spots. It can reduce the inflammation caused by more serious forms of acne and it can even help with acne scaring.

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