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The sexiest star signs revealed

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have a celebrity or two that we fantasize about. Well, maybe we’re not all fantasizing about dinner for two with Rihanna or Chris Hemsworth, but we all have at least one celebrity crush.

What is it about these people that we find so sexy? Is it the ripped abs on Tom Hardy, or maybe the sultry smile of Beyonce? Perhaps it’s even got something to do with their date of birth.

The men’s health experts at FROM MARS wanted to find out whether your birthday can give you a better chance of being a sexy specimen and which star signs are the true fire signs.

Looking at the birthdays of 500 of the sexiest celebs on earth, we discovered the hottest star signs and birth months, so how sexy is your sign?

The sexiest star signs

Aries’s are the sexiest people in the world

Can your star sign make you sexy? Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, there’s no denying that some star signs just seem to be more common amongst the sexiest people on the planet.

1. Aries – 50 celebrities

March 21 – April 19

This sign tops the list as the sexiest, and we’re sure that the Aries signs out there won’t be too surprised. With the likes of Pedro Pascal, Jessica Chastain and Halle Bailey being born under this sign, it is certainly the sexiest star sign.

2. Taurus – 47 celebrities

April 20 – May 20

Taurus signs may be very different in personality to Aries, but when it comes to looks, they follow as a close second, with this sign being the second most common amongst our list of 500 sexiest celebs.

Sexy Taurus celebrities include Gigi Hadid, George Clooney and Shemar Moore.

3. Leo – 46 celebrities

July 22 – August 22

Another fire sign, the Leos round out our top three sexiest signs with 46 of the 500 sexiest celebrities. The Leo personality is known to be flirty, entertaining and fierce, making the personality a perfect match for the looks.

Some of the sexiest Leo celebrities include Jason Momoa, Cara Delevingne and Winnie Harlow.

4. Virgo – 45 celebrities

5. Aquarius – 44 celebrities

6. Pisces – 44 celebrities

7. Libra – 43 celebrities

8. Capricorn – 41 celebrities

9. Sagittarius – 40 celebrities

10. Scorpio – 39 celebrities

11. Gemini – 32 celebrities

12. Cancer – 29 celebrities

The sexiest birth months

Maybe your star sign didn’t top the list as the sexiest, but how does your birth month fare?

1. April – 60 celebrities

With the top two sexiest star signs covering the entire month of April, it should come as no surprise that this is the most common birth month for the 500 sexiest people. 

Sexy celebs born in April include Michael Fassbender, Emma Watson and Gal Gadot.

2. August – 51 celebrities

These summer babies can take pride as the second sexiest birth month, with 51 of 500 sexy celebs celebrating their birthdays in August.

Some of the sexiest celebrities with August birthdays include Chris Hemsworth, Halle Berry and Blake Lively.

3. February – 49 celebrities

February is already a sexy month, with the holiday of love falling on the 14th of this month, but it also ranks as the third sexiest month for birthdays.

Some of the hottest celebs celebrate their birthdays in February, including Harry Styles, Michael B. Jordan and Rihanna.December – 47 celebrities

4. December – 47 celebrities

5. September – 44 celebrities

6. March – 42 celebrities

7. October – 41 celebrities

8. November – 39 celebrities

9. January – 35 celebrities

10. May – 33 celebrities

11. July – 30 celebrities

12. June – 29 celebrities


Using lists of the sexiest male celebrities and sexiest female celebrities from Ranker, we compiled a list of 500 names in total. Taking the birthdays of each celebrity, we were able to figure out their star signs, taking a total of each of the 12 signs and each of the 12 months to give the sexiest star sign and sexiest birth month.